Metropolitan Opera debut

Accueil: Avr 11 2014

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La bohème / The Metropolitan Opera

Presse: Mar 31 2014 | David Salazar | Latinos Post

That sense of loss was also beautifully depicted by Nicolas Teste's Colline during his famed "Vecchia zimarra, senti." Teste's voice caressed each phrase, underlying a far deeper meaning than just the loss of the garment; in his pained singing, the listener could grasp Colline's understanding of the tragedy taking place. His final "addio" was held out for a few moments, furthering this sense of loss.

Vivien Schweitzer | The New York Times
The other three bohemians were all excellent: Massimo Cavalletti as Marcello, Patrick Carfizzi as Schaunard and Nicolas Testé, making his house debut as Colline with an elegantly sung “Vecchia zimarra.”

Eric C. Simpson | New York Classical Review
In his company debut, Nicolas Testé brought dark hues with a hint of buffo bounce to the role of Colline, singing a “Vecchia zimarra” that was straightforward, but tender nonetheless.

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Cancellation of « I puritani »

Accueil: Juil 08 2014

Nicolas Testé deeply regrets that the two concert performances of Bellini’s „I puritani“ scheduled for July 17 and 29, 2014 have been cancelled by the promoter at short notice. Nicolas Testé had been very much looking forward to these performances. No replacement dates are planned with Nicolas Testé. Ticket holders are asked to contact the promoter Vita e Voce directly.

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