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Presse: Mar 31 2014 | David Salazar | Latinos Post

That sense of loss was also beautifully depicted by Nicolas Teste's Colline during his famed "Vecchia zimarra, senti." Teste's voice caressed each phrase, underlying a far deeper meaning than just the loss of the garment; in his pained singing, the listener could grasp Colline's understanding of the tragedy taking place. His final "addio" was held out for a few moments, furthering this sense of loss.

David Salazar | Latinos Post

Vivien Schweitzer | The New York Times
The other three bohemians were all excellent: Massimo Cavalletti as Marcello, Patrick Carfizzi as Schaunard and Nicolas Testé, making his house debut as Colline with an elegantly sung “Vecchia zimarra.”

Eric C. Simpson | New York Classical Review
In his company debut, Nicolas Testé brought dark hues with a hint of buffo bounce to the role of Colline, singing a “Vecchia zimarra” that was straightforward, but tender nonetheless.

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LIVE STREAM “A Harlot’s Progress”

Accueil: Oct 23 2013

On October 24th « A Harlot’s progress will be streamed live from the Theater an der Wien.
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Harlot’s Progress Opera in six scenes (2013)
Music by Iain Bell
Libretto by Peter Ackroyd

Conductor: Mikko Franck
Director: Jens-Daniel Herzog
Stage design: Mathis Neidhardt
Costume design: Sibylle Gädeke
Choreography: Ramses Sigl
Light design: Jürgen Koß
Dramaturgy: Hans-Peter Frings

Moll Hackabout: Diana Damrau
Mother Needham: Marie McLaughlin
Kitty: Tara Erraught
James Dalton: Nathan Gunn
Coach Driver | Officer | Jailer: Nicolas Testé

Chorus: Arnold Schoenberg Choir
Orchestra: Wiener Symphoniker

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Metropolitan Opera debut

Accueil: Avr 11 2014

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